Saturday, April 21, 2012

7, 10, 14

The number of days I can go before I start complaining that Dr. J needs a day off.

The number of days before Dr. J starts complaining that he needs a day off.

The number of days until he gets said day off, off :)

Yesterday was THE DAY!  He mowed the lawn and I planted seeds in our vegetable garden and flowers in our front garden beds.  We both chatted with the neighbors and their parents.  Turns out her husband had taken the day off as well.  It was like some weird Saturday, only it wasn't.  The financial adviser came by.  I was majorly ticked he was coming on Dr. J's one day off.  We found my keys that have been missing almost two the shed inside the wagon.  We washed dishes and messed with our compost pile.  We got sealant for our brick patio.  Dr. J took a nap.  We ate dinner as a family.  We put the kids to bed and watched two episodes of Dr. Who.  Days off go by so fast!

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