Monday, April 30, 2012

Grandma Ruth

It has been a rough year to be one of our grandparents.  Last year we lost my Grandpa John, and Grandma Marvel.  Dr. J lost his Grandpa Tom and Grandma Deb's father passed away.  The hard thing about getting older is that even as your life becomes more full with the addition of your own children, your parents and grandparents are aging along with you and some of them start to return to Father in Heaven.  While I have a strong belief in a afterlife and a knowledge that I will see my family again it is hard to lose them in this life or watch their health start to decline.  Dr. J and I have both been blessed to have wonderful grandparents who benefited our lives for good.  For everyday they are still with us that they are able to influence our children for good we are so grateful.  Which is why we were so thankful that even though Grandma Ruth couldn't make it to Cheetah's blessing we were able to visit her.  Luckily for us she's feeling better now, because just in case you missed it, WE LOVE OUR GRANDMAS!

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