Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back To the Grindstone

I woke up this morning at 7:30.  Dr. J had been gone 6.  It is back to the grindstone my friends.  Mandatory 12 hour shirts, with every 4th day on call until 11.  Who knows when he'll get another day off.  He made me a list of things he needs to get done but won't have time to get to.

-stain the garden beds (something we don't agree with...we used the more expensive cedar because I didn't want anything that could leach...hmmm)
-dig out the sides so they will lay level
-weed (this is a constant request...I hate it.  It agitates my OCD.  Truth is there is no way to get every dandelion...ahh!
-price out where we can get the fill dirt and figure out how to get it home
-fill the beds if by chance you can figure out how to get the dirt home

So I've got some extra chores this week.  But the grindstone can't be ignored, because it's how we make money.  Speaking of money this month I uped my focus on the budget.  So a computer budget is nice, but the truth is I just can't/won't/don't keep track.  So I did a weight watchers tracking move and now have a simple piece of paper taped to my calendar.  Every time we spend a single cent we write it on the piece of paper subtracting it from the money we previously had.  Here's the depressing part.  Three days in and 2/3s of the money is gone!  Granted most of our bills come due at the beginning of the month but has been a little stressful.  I found that when I fixate on the budget it actually haunts my dreams at night.  I literally dream about numbers, specifically the number zero, specifically reaching that zero mid month.  Anyway I was talking about how the budget stresses me out so much with my good friend Andrea and I made a realization.  We are in the middle class.  Sometime in the last year we went from being broke gradstudent family to being lower middle class family.  Shoot people we are in the middle!  You know what I learned about the middle...being in the middle means...HAVING TO BE SUPER CAREFUL WITH YOUR MONEY!!!!  Haha, reality check.  So for all you students out there who are like me, super naive, turns out when you graduate from school, you just have more bills :)


  1. We are totally in the same boat as far as finances. It's frustrating that it seemed like we had more money as students even though we made less.

  2. Just because you make a middle class income doesn't mean you are actually middle class does it? Our debt to income ratio indicates we are much lower than middle class (too bad my tax return didn't get that memo)

  3. Grrrr. Don't remind me what is coming in the next few months. Actually it already haunts me. I suck at budgeting and I suck at being poor. Not excited for the bills to begin increasing!

  4. This is the advice on this organic raised bed gardening site.... If you use treated lumber or paint your wood with an oil-based sealer make sure to line the insides with plastic so no toxins will leach into your garden soil. So if you choose to stain you need to line the inside of your garden with plastic.



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