Monday, April 30, 2012

A Name and a Blessing

Remember that trip we took back in March, well there was a point to that crazy rushed week and the main point was blessing out baby with our friends and family.  In a lot of ways I don't feel like we were able to enjoy Cheetah's birth in the way were able to enjoy the birth of our other children so we wanted to make sure that this first major event in her life was done right.  We got permission to have her blessed in the ward Dr. J grew up in, his grandparents ward and then we invited all of our Utah family and friends.  Grandma Tolman bought her dress just like all the other girls and I got her an adorable headband and the cutest little pink cheetah prints shoes I've ever seen.  
Daddy gave her the blessing, and here it is:

Dear Heavenly Father, we gather as a group of Melchizedek Priesthood holders to give this child a name and a blessing.  The Name by which she shall be known on the records of the church is ...(If you still don't know it and want to e-mail me).  With this name we give her a blessing.  We bless her with health, energy and with vitality.  We bless her with a love of music.  We bless her with intelligence.  We bless her with faith and with a love of the scriptures.  We bless her that she will have a desire to serve in thy kingdom to bless the lives of others.  That she will have a desire to come unto thee, to bring others unto thee as well.  We ask for these blessings in addition to any other blessing thou wishes to bestow on her, in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.  

I'm so grateful for the outpouring of family and friends who came to join us in the event.  My only regret, most of them didn't join the circle.  I asked Dr. J if he was going to invite people and he said, "They are invited to blessing, they'll know."  Turns out most of them didn't.  I lay this at the feet of my husband who just isn't a planner, but we are still glad for everyone who came!

Be prepared for picture overload.  Can't help it...isn't everyday your baby meets her whole family.  

Cheetah and grandpa Bob.  I expect she will adore him...all my other girls do!

Momma and baby!  Love my little girl!

 My cousin Peggy.  

 Baby Girl and Her Daddy

 We had a lunceon planned for after, but for whatever reason I didn't think to take this picture until half the group had already left.  Sorry Cheetah here is only half your family who loves you....


 Peach and her uncle David.  Peach has a total preference for males and there are a few that she loves above all others.  Grandpa Bob is one.  My friend Linda's husband Ryan is another (she'll pick him over her own dad even when she hadn't seen him in over six months).  And finally my brother David.  SHE LOVES HIM!  It works out kind of nice because my niece prefers my brother Daniel so they both get their own special uncle to watch them.

 My sisters face when my brother-in-law said, "Someday I'll finally marry her."  She was pissed...maybe he'll be so lucky she'll finally marry him someday.  J/K John, you know I love you :)

 Three generations of men who will go to bat for Cheetah.  She is a lucky girl!
 Grandpa Tolman tells the best stories :)
 This is Cheetahs little cousin.  Isn't he adorable!

 Dr. J's cousin below and his cute wife above.  

 Hanging out with my mom.  Weird how my mom and my baby are so light.  It's almost like my genes jumped out of the gene pool.

 My cousin Sammy in black, two of her daughters, and my cousin Rocky in brown.  I was an adult when Rocky and Miriam were born.  They are teenagers now...amazing!

 David trying to get in on the ground floor with Cheetah.

 Uncle Daniel trying to get some Peach love.
 My cousins kids.  They are getting so old.  
 My cousins and my aunt.
 Dr. J's cousins.

 These are my cousins Sami and Peggy.  I've known them my whole life, which is probably why in a lot of ways they feel more like sisters then cousins.  I love these girls!!!!
 Dr. J's mom and brother and sister.  Thanks guys for letting for all your help pulling this party off.  Linda we wouldn't have made it this last year without you.

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  1. Great pictures! Thanks for posting. Cheetah looks adorable in all of these. I love her face.



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