Monday, April 16, 2012

Mom on a Wire

Fear.  I'm filled with it.  Heights make me sick.  The fear of falling puts me off.  Driving on ice scares me.  I worry about tornadoes, robberies, big dogs that bite.  Sometimes when I open a can I have a moment where I think, wait was that bulging a bit.  Every time I get on a plane my palms start to sweat so sure am I that there is a good chance we are going to fall from the sky.  I don't like the forest because I worry about wolves, bears, and cougars.  I can't enjoy swimming in the ocean because I worry sharks. I'm pretty sure I have an anxiety disorder.  I'm filled with an overabundance of fear.  The problem though is the overabundance.  Fear is a natural part of life.  While a disturbing and negative sensation, it is part of our evolutionary package.  We are slow, soft creatures.  The best thing going for us is our brains, but to help along those amazing organic computers we have fear.  It helps us recognize danger and decide what to do about it.  It is almost a universal feeling, but just like I have an overabundance, some people have a lack of fear, or at least have a whole lot less then the rest of us.  Those people can do amazing things.  Of course those things might also kill them, but until then feel free to watch and enjoy :)

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