Saturday, August 16, 2014

Camp Carnelleys - A Few Extra Pics

I've already talked about Camp Carnelleys once here.  It is a great place to stay.  It's cheap, it's close to the lake, it's beautiful if your into nature and all that jazz :)  I just wanted to add a few extra pics and tell you about Dr. J trying to make me go down to the lake at night.  I  mentioned before that we could hear the hippos roaring in the night...and my husband being the brilliant guy that he is after we put the kids to bed said, "Hey do you want to go down and see if we can see any hippos."  "No," I told him, "Are you nuts?"  "Ok, let me rephrase, will you come down with me to see if we can see any hippos."  "No," I said, "you are nuts."  So he ran down to the lake with a headlamp.  He didn't actually see any hippos but he said as he got close to the electric fence he heard something huge rustle on the land and then plot into the water.  The next day when we went down to the lake their were hippo prints everywhere and a surf board that was by the dock was actually broken in half.

Why is it impossible for me to get all of my kids to look at me.  "Look at the camera," I say.  "We are looking."  Um no, no you are not.  The kids and Dr. J at the dock on Lake Naivasha at Camp Carnelley.

Here are hippo prints right next to the dock.  This is also right by where I saw the broken board.  
Over by that boat is where Peach and I had seen the hippo the night before.  

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