Saturday, August 16, 2014

Amani House - Mennonite Guest House

When we were finished at Lake Naivasha Koash took us to Nairobi.  I think it took about an hour and half.  The roads were some of the best I'd seen in Kenya.  I think maybe it could have been a mess had their been traffic but we came into town on Saturday and it was pretty darn nice.  We'd heard from more than one friend that the Amani House which was originally the Mennonite Guest House was a great place to stay.  They gave us the resident rate when I told them what we were there doing so for $130 dollars we got a two bunk bed, one king bed, and a crib family suite, dinner that evening, and breakfast the next morning.  The older part of the guest house is getting a little worn but they new addition they built is beautiful and it is such a comfortable peaceful place to be. They had huge gardens with three big swings and a playground.  Having a slide and swings did so much for my children moral.  I know most of the people at the compound are college students but there are plenty of people there with young kids.  I couldn't help but think how much having a playground would have changed my life this summer.  The kids were so happy.  Dinner was great, breakfast was yum.  I'm so glad we went here.  Enjoy these pics of Peach.  Tell me family does she not just remind you of a young Flo?  

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