Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peach and Her Colored Pants

Peach has always had her own sense of fashion.  She loves bright colors, she prefers purple to pink, she likes leggings with short shirts.  Often when she comes out of her room a internally cringe.  I once figured out that of all my clothing 90% is in the colors of black, red, white, and blue.  I own at least five plain white tees and 10 black ones.  I think I'd be exceptional happy as a least when it came to fashion.  Peach is my opposite.  She doesn't look to stand out, she really just goes with what she likes, but she doesn't mind standing out.  Earlier this week she asked me to put her hair in a unicorn horn.  She wore it like this all day including to school and had great fun pretending to be a unicorn.  Then yesterday she came down in these pants which she absolutely adores but Dr  J and I dread because she always pairs them with a patterned shirt.  Dr J sees her and says, "I think maybe you'd prefer to wear a pair of jeans."  She looks up at him and with a big smile says, "I think you should wear colored pants."  Daddy didn't have anything to say to that so he just laughed.

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