Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Goals

I can't remember the last time I made new years resolutions.  Probably when I was I mean really it was probably when I was 18.  For the most part I think I'm perfect, no, almost perfect, no actually I'm just not one of those people who sees the point in waiting for the new year to make goals or for coming up with goals just because it is the new year.  I join the gym in July because that's when I looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow you are looking way chubby."  But in December I had three friends reporting on their 2013 Goals, particularly their book reading goals and I thought, you know maybe making yearly goals would be fun, even if just purely to give a timeline for data collection, so I decided to jump on board.  My goals for the year are.

Read 50 books.  When I told Dr. J this he actually laughed in my face.  LAUGHED IN MY FACE PEOPLE!  His exact words, "You used to be able to do that in just a few months."  Well yes honey that is true, but that was before my iPhone, Facebook, Netflix (which allows me to binge watch awesome shows like Dr. Who and Battle Star Galatica), and oh yeah the four kids I birthed you.  So now we set more manageable goals and I thought 50 sounded pretty good...although secretly in my head it is 52, since I figure one book a week sounds reasonable...oh wait I just put that down on paper.  Just so you know the girls I'm following are planning on reading 75 books this year.  They are definitely better than I am :)

Go on 6 Dates This Year.  Does it seem weird that I have to make that a goal.  We are just super busy people and not exactly rich so that whole going out every Friday night thing, well it doesn't work for us.  Shoot we don't even make it out of the house every month, but I did think, especially since we are now babysitting trading) that we could probably make it out at least 6 times this year.  We missed January so far but our babysitting exchange friend is watching the kids next Friday and then my in-laws are coming in the week after so I'd say were are staying on track.

One vacation that is not to visit family.  That seems reasonable right?  It isn't that we don't love family, oh we do, but sometimes you just want to see new places as well.

Go to one concert.  I love concerts but since Dr. J and I have gotten married we've only been to one.  That is just not going to cut it for me anymore.  I'm not pregnant, we don't have any nursing babies, I can do this!

Go to one sporting event.  I'm sort of so/so on sporting events.  I like back stories and sometimes I get into the crowd fanatics but they are something that are really neither here nor there for me.  That being said Dr. J loves sports and we live in a city with lots of different sports teams so just do it!

Take 30 family walks.  I have friends last year who went on 100.  They are awesome.  They also live in a state that it tons warmer than mine.  Maybe next year we'll shoot for 75....or maybe not :)

Do Better With My Budget...which basically means spend no money.  I'm trying to pay off debt and work a snowball.  Fans of Dave Ramsey will know what I'm talking about so no more spending money.

Get Healthier.  What does that even mean?  Right now I'm in a ten week clean eating challenge and it is going really great.  Although going great means I'm not currently eating gluten, or dairy, or sugar but I have lost some lbs, so that is nice.  Thanks to MyFitnessPal I'm doing pretty good keeping track of what I'm eating.  I'm doing a better job of using the gym five times a week, and thanks to our do better with my budget goal I'm doing a better job of packing lunch when I go to the gym so I'm not tempted to eat fast food on the way home.

Be a better mom.  This is always a constant goal of mine and I don't really have a good way to judge if I'm getting anywhere there it just doesn't seem fair to be listing goals and not mention it.

So those are the goals for the year.  Seems obtainable, so let's go 2014!!!

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  1. great list ... I love your upbeat attitude,and I'm eager to read about your concert and sporting event adventures. (Maybe those can be counted in the 6 dates!) :)



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