Friday, February 7, 2014

Date 1 of 6

So remember when I said we do babysitting exchange now...well tonight was our night to go out.  We started out at Home Depot.  We have a gift card there from a drill we returned...we already had one.  We spent an hour looking at routers.  We talked to the guy, read reviews online, watched a few videos, talked about projects we wanted to use it for and then decided to table the purchase for a few weeks to see if they went on sale.  Maybe this will sound weird, but it was super fun.  One of my favorite parts about owning a home is working on it together with my sweetie.  After we went for Indian food.  It was delicious but I'm sure I made a mess of my clean eating challenge.  We are allowed a cheat day but man there was so much cheating was a nightmare.  No more cheat days for me.  Seriously no self control, but it was delicious :)


  1. You look so happy! I'm glad you had such a great date!

  2. I had to laugh at the home depot date! Hey any time I can get my husband away from the hospital is cause for celebration. Enjoy it :)



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