Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dancing Daughters

Sending your kids to extra curricular activities while a resident is an act of faith....seriously!  Money is always tight, choosing to funnel a portion of it toward your children's play can be difficult, but we've always felt it was important to let our children experience some of the activities out there especially ones that involve physical activity, music, or character building.  Along with money being tight, time and parent involvement  are also at a premium.  Dr J works a lot and that often includes evenings, weekends, and even holidays.  That means my car is the only one available to get anyone anywhere and my hands are the only ones there to help.  With dance we've dealt with this problem by finding classes that run at the same time.  It means every Saturday is frantic but it also means every daughter has an opportunity to participate.  Because cheetah's class starts slightly after her sister's today she joined G bear during warm ups.  She was ecstatic to be there...the proof being that she stayed in the circle.  In her own class I have to bribe her into sitting through warm ups.  Watching my oldest and youngest daughters together was a real treat.  I hope I'll have lots of other opportunities to watch the dance together!

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