Thursday, February 27, 2014

50 Hour Work Week

Yesterday Dr J was putting in his time card for last week and started adding in his time card for this week, keep in mind it was Wednesday. "Well," he said, "I've already worked 50 hours."  "Really," I said, "It has actually seemed like sort of a light week."  And it has.  With the exception of his call day where he was gone all day and night he's been home by 6:30 every other night and at home dad is a helpful dad.  In fact earlier when we had just put the kids to bed I'd gone to the bathroom and was silently freaking out because while I was trying to get my business done they were running around screaming and shrieking.  Stress rising, stress rising, stress rising.  Then I remembered Dr J was here.  "Uh sweetie can you handle this?"  "I'm on it."  Ten seconds later blissful quiet.  What a marvelous thing to have two sets of hands at home.

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