Friday, January 3, 2014

Gigi Turns 7 - Cheap/Easy Birthday Party on the Fly

 On the 17th of December my first born daughter celebrated her 7th birthday.  She asked me if she could have a party, she begged me if she could have a party, she pleaded for two weeks before her birthday for a party, but her birthday is at a horrible time of year.  Falling a week before Christmas people are usually very busy with Holiday/Family stuff.  The weather outside if horrible so unless we want to rent a venue we are trapped in our house.  Mom is already overwhelmed trying to get things done for Christmas.  But her pleas made me so sad, so a week before her birthday I sent an e-mail out to a few of our friends asking if they could come on the Tuesday of her Birthday or the Saturday before (although dad wasn't going to be there because he was on call) for a low key thrown together birthday party.  Our friends said they could come either day.  I asked Dr. J which day he would prefer, he said either was fine, but in a way that made me feel like he'd be sad if he missed it, so we decided to throw the party on Tuesday.  Tuesday night at six our guest started to arrive.  I'd made pizza dough and after all the girls got here I had them come over three at a time and make a mini pizzas.  I'd made bread sticks a little earlier (thank goodness those girls were hungry).  When the pizzas were done the kids all ate.  Then I sent the whole kit upstairs to my room to bounce in the bounce house.  Around this time Dr. J got home and I sent him up to supervise the bouncing.  After about twenty minutes they came back down for cake and presents.  Then mom's showed up.  It was short and sweet and Gigi was super happy.  I didn't do party bags.  I didn't do games. I didn't have a theme.  I didn't send out real invitations.  I didn't decorate.  I didn't have a whole class of kids here but she was so happy and the kids had fun.  If you've ever seen my summer party you know I'm just as likely as the next mom to go over board on this type of stuff, but it was nice to see that for relatively little money and effort my daughter could be happy.    
Do you like this cake.  Peach picked it up and I thought it was adorable!
Cheetah and Jess have been friends since Cheetah was born.  
 So Dr. J was a little late to the party but my friend Jessica was there and she was like having a husband there to help, only more helpful.  Sometimes I feel silly being that mom standing around at the birthday party, you know when there are five other mom's sitting there and you just feel like you are taking up more space then doing anything useful.  Well for that reason I was happy that most of the moms just dropped off, but I was also glad to have Jess because when there is just one mom there you can actually put her to work :)

Happy Birthday to my 7 year old sweetie.  I not going to say that sometimes we don't butt heads.  She can be very strong willed when she wants to be, but she is also very kind and loving.  Sometimes when I'm feeling a little frustrated with Cheetah, Gigi will scope her up and calm her down.  She is always the first one to agree to help.  I love my daughter Gigi and I'm super glad I could make her happy by throwing her this party.

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