Saturday, January 4, 2014

Catch Up - ZooBoo

Last year when my mother-in-law was here she bought us a zoo pass.  Right before the pass ran out this October we invited our friend Erin and her two daughters to do ZooBoo with us.  My kids love zoo and they love going in October because you get to trick or treat and they have some other fun things.  I'm still unsure one how I feel about the zoo right now.  I just can't get The Cove and Blackfish out of my mind and every time I'm there I wonder if they animals are disappointed by being stuck in such a small area, or if their far travels are just for food and having it delivered to them makes them happy.  I don't know.  I just can't decide how I feel about this, but I know my kids love to see the animals and I do like them doing something not TV related.  Hard place to be in, but they were happy.  We did a full loop of all the animals.  We trick or treated.  We went in the bird enclosure where a mom and son gave us their treats when they were going to leave.  As soon as we got the treat, birds started flocking over.  Cheetah was in heaven.  All the rest of the kids were excited as well.  We also went and saw the sharks which is always a treat.  

 "Wait, don't let it get too close to me!"  She made me take it right after this picture.  Cheetah on the other hand, I could barely keep her hands off this birdie!  She just wanted to scoop it right up!
 Captain E and Peach both like it but they were both a lot more laid back about it.  "Yup, we're holding a bird, no biggie."
 Cheetah's bird love was not one sided.  Here she was getting a smooch from a great big giant bird head.

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