Monday, January 20, 2014

Home Hair Cut Catastrophe: You Only have 20 Minutes Until You Need ToLeave For Church

 And you hear from upstairs, "Um hey honey can you come up and help me."  You walk into the bathroom and find your husband (who I'd like to point out is almost entirely blind without his glasses on) has decided to use an ear guard to try and give himself a little trim and now has a mullet.

This actually happened.  I have the photographic evidence.  Of course this is after he "fixed" the back, turning his mullet into a bowl.  I would like to point out that when Cheetah does things like dump applesauce on her head, scale cribs or cabinets, or figure out ways to run the neighborhood that she got these traits from her father and not from me because apparently neither of them should be left alone in the bathroom for very long. How is one suppose to respond to this type of ridiculousness?  I sort of laughed and cried, and then I told him to put a hat on and take himself to the barber.  To you wives who can cut your husbands hair and it doesn't look like this, I applaud you, but it is totally worth $120 a year to me to have someone else do this job, because I'm pretty sure that even without blind eyes this is about as a good a job as I could do.  The irony of this is we have a no hair cutting in the house EVER RULE!  I never trim the kids hair at home, never, ever, ever.  We always go out to have it done and I make a super big deal of it each and every time we do.  Almost the entire time we are out I chant, "WE ONLY EVER DO THIS AT THE BARBER!"  "WE ONLY EVER LET SOMEONE CUT OUR HAIR WHO HAS GONE TO SCHOOL TO TRAIN TO DO IT!"  "WE NEVER CUT OUR OWN HAIR AND WE NEVER CUT ANY OTHER PERSON'S HAIR!".  So far it has paid off and I have yet to have to deal with a home haircut catastrophe....well that was until yesterday.  Luckily my children are better behaved than my spouse.

So as we headed out the door to church Dr. J headed to the barber with a hat on.  He told me that when it was his turn, he sat in the chair and asked the beautician if she was good at fixing mistakes.  She said she was and then he pulled the hat off.  Heaven knows what she thought.  I just hope she didn't think it was me!


  1. Oh Heavens! That's so funny! Especially since getting your hair cut by a professional is such a big deal to you. Haha!

    I also wanted to say thanks so much for all the sweet comments you have been leaving on my blog. It makes me happy :) I'm glad my little baby girl has made you smile! I don't think it's silly at all! And I wish we could get together and talk about the birth. I didn't know you had delivered with Ray! Fun! Anyway... thanks for checking in on us. I always read your blog too even if I don't always comment!

  2. I am laughing so hard! Jason's such a good sport—I love his facial expression in the bottom left. Hahahaha! :)



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