Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Confessional

I have three great addictions in my life.  The first is my husband, the second food, the third shopping.  Two of these cause me distress, one I can tolerate.  I mean people need to love their spouses, and so I guess it is safe to say I just do that....although possibly bordering on the side of unhealthy co-dependent, I'm not a psychologist, nor is really anyone I know so I'm just not going to worry about it.  The other two though have a tendency to get me into trouble.

The problem with my addictions are that they are totally justifiable.  I mean a person has to eat after all, we can't just not eat, right?  As for shopping, most people have to acquire goods in some way.  I mean it is a requirement that we gather food and clothing, and for me that way happens to be by shopping.  So both things that are dangerous for me, I have to do to some degree, and I can justify doing.  This came to a head yesterday.  My first great love was at work again.  He was suppose to be off at 4, but at 3:55 the attending decided that they should send one of his patients home, leaving him stuck at the hospital for the next two hours getting his patient discharged, because after all you can't just decide to discharge someone and kick them to curve, you actual have to go through the formal process of discharging them, setting up their at home medication, making sure their at home care is adequate, etc., etc.  So five minutes before he is suppose to be home my honey calls me and says, "I'm stuck at the hospital".  Now this puts me in a funk, because after all it is Saturday, and I'd just like my husband to make it home for dinner one night this week.  And that is when the urge to shop hit me so strong I could barely stand it.  Now earlier this week I'd planned on going to Trader Joes and Whole Foods.  And so I sat for thirty minutes trying to decided what to do, because going to the grocery store is a totally justifiable outing...but going to the grocery store when you are in a funk, well that is just asking for trouble.  I mean I know there is only $700 in my bank account to last until payday, and a funk like the one I was in could put a serious dent in that plan.  So instead I stayed home, and made chocolate chips cookies...because I guess you can't win every battle in life.

Church alone-kids were ok.  For the most part stayed in their seats...well except Peach who started darting for it at 5 til.  Those last 15 minutes with her are the worst.  I'm a little ashamed to say I bribed them with candy and then ditched Sunday school and Relief Society to instead chat it up with the nursery workers and find out about local preschools, doctors, speech therapist, and babysitters.  Would it really be so bad to actually have some time scheduled in at church for chatting? 

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