Saturday, July 16, 2011


Look I'm not going to pretend that Harry Potter was the best book I ever read, or that the movies changed my life, or  that I think JK is a particularly gifted writer, or even that it is my favorite series of all time (that honor goes to the Hunger Games) but I did enjoy reading this series and give JK props for an exciting story that made more money then I think any other books on the planet every have.  I've read all these books mulitiple times, outloud with Dr. J, and in private.  Recently I reread number 7 and found myself in tears.  Ten points to you if you can guess at which part.  It is a joy to me that my kids are getting old enough that I can start sharing the series with them and so when I saw this today I thought, lovely.  I'm very excited for this site to open up.  Should be fun!  

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