Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moving Expenses You Never Think About

Living in our house for the first month, wow what a treat!  Our favorites...the big back yard, the play equipment in the back, the pool, the big rooms with plenty of storage.  Owning a home though does come with some unexpected cost.  Here are some that surprised me...

Garbage can-Who knew our sellers wouldn't leave it.  Second day here I had to head to Lowe's to buy one.  I looked at all the models and ultimately settled on the rolling $90 one.  Sure the $25 was a lot cheaper but three in the store had broken no thanks!

Hose and hose home-So we live in the midwest but that doesn't mean it rains enough to keep our lawn green.  Weirdly enough we had a soaker hose and sprinkler from nine years ago but we lacked a regular hose.  Yesterday I bought two hoses plus hose homes.  Cost $90.

Our yard is fairly well landscaped but there were some spots that could use some more flowers.  We went with perenials because we figured that was more cost effective.  I found a shelf of clearence ones which really cut the price.  Cost of ten plants, $36.

We have lots of lawn, so a mower was an absolute must.  Luckily grandma made this purchase as a graduation gift because the total cost was $400.

We have lots of bushes and trees on our yard.  Dr. J bought clippers last week to take care of some overgrowth.  Cost $48.

Half our cleaning supplies didn't make it to the new house.  We had to restock a lot of cleaning supplies.  Cost $30. 

Garbage service here is covered under our homeowners tax but recycling is not.  If you want it you pay for it.  Well after years of living in states where recycling is heavily encouraged we feel like it is a must.  Cost $20 a quarter.

Getting ready to move you eat up a lot of your food storage, especially your freezer stuff.  In order to get ourselves going again I got a Costco card and loaded up the freezer.  Cost $309.

Still haven't done this but I need to get it done, new licenses plates, drivers licenses, and new tags.  Stinks because you can't let the old tags from our other state that have six more months to go expire first.  Cost $230.

We had to shut down our utilities and open new ones.  Luckily gas, electric, and water did not have any set up fees.  Internet on the otherhand.  No breaks.  Same company, same modem, same service they forced us to pay out the end of the month at our old home, charged us a set up fee, and raised our price.  Total cost $90.  Thanks for nothing AT&T.  Your costumer service stinks!

Things that didn't cost to start for which I'm grateful...Gas, Electric, Water, library card, setting up our health insurance, transfering netflix...of course they are raising their price :)

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