Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Because You Know You Wanted 28 Pictures of My House

 Front view.  Do you love the pile of tree branches.  Dr. J cut them two weeks ago and hasn't had time to take them to the dump.  Hopeful he can do it on his next day off because I'm actually having nightmares that our HOA is going to fine us if we leave them out there much longer.  Those three front windows are in my bedroom.
 Have to love the fake shutters.  It breaks it up a little.  In the right corner you see the ordamental pear tree whose branches are driving me nuts.
 Our couch looks a lot better in the bigger space.  This shelf will be ok to once we get some baskets for it.  Right now it's just storing picture frames.  Some of them need to get on the walls. 
 We decided to leave the computer downstairs.  Our kids are getting to the point where we really want our computer in a place that is walked through often.  Just feel better about it.  Those lamps and boxes need to go though.  I need someone to come visit so I'll feel the pressure to get it cleaned up. 
 This is our family room.  I swear I clean this up every night but with three kids what do you expect.  Coveting a good place to put the TV.  Until I find one on craigslist or at a garage sale this will have to do.
 Our family room is big enough that we've had this tent up for a week and it doesn't get in the way at all.  Have to love the extra space!
 Kitchen/dinning area.  This table fits here so much better then at our old place, and look at all the cabinets.  And yes unfortunately that counter is acting as my catch all!  I need so bar chairs at that island to keep me motivated to keep it clear.  Will be checking garage sales for that as well.
 I LOVE our patio and the play equipment.  We got them to leave that as part of the deal on the house...and it is so fun to have.  My kids hang out there two hours a day just swinging, sliding, our handing out in the pirate hold.
 Lots of grass space.  Wish it would rain though because I'm getting sick of running the sprinkler...after all we actually pay for water now :)  Lucky for me I have a doctor to mow my lawn!
 Back view of the house.  We planted some cool plants in the planter.  Hoping they all take.  Meanwhile I'm loving the gladiolas and roses.  Dr. J wants to put a roof over the patio for shade.  So excited for that project!
 Up the stairs now, nice and wide for carrying stuff up.
 1st room...planned use, office/guest room.  Currently a big scary mess.  We've put all the office stuff in here but haven't put hardly anything on shelves or in the closet, then we'll go in and pull one or two things out and leave the lids off.  So it is kind of a huge mess.  The room is huge though and ideally once we get things picked up we should have room for a full bed, futon, or possibly a trundle.  We want a place for visitors to stay...translation, WE WANT VISITORS!!!!
 This is the only non walk in closet in the house.  It has a lot of space, but didnt' seem ideal for clothes.
 Our laundry room is upstairs.  Nice not to have to drag laundry down the stairs. 
 Captain E's room.  He keeps complaining he is the only one that doesn't have to share a room.  Silly boy!  That Roman shade cracks me up.  I was going to get one to go in the girl's room.  Turns out the cheapest one I could find was almost $300 I decided not to :)

 Captain E has a walk in closet that is almost empty.  He also has a shelf full of all his treasues.
 My mom's friend did one of these for each of my kid's at the Freedom Festival this year.  Captain E didn't want to take his sun glasses off, but it is still pretty fun!
 Kid's bathroom.  My mother-in-law doesn't like the shower curtain (to much clash), but I got it for $2 at target 90% meaning I LOVE IT :)
 This is Dr. J and my room.  It is a sad empty place.  We've always been shoved into these tiny, little rooms and now we have space to spread out.  We just don't know what to do.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a nice headboard...and who knows what else, a treadmill, a pool table, a disco ball.  The room has a lot of space.
 There are those three windows again.  When we first moved in they had taken the curtains that were in them.  We decided we didn't want them and ended up putting these blinds in from blinds.com.  They cost us about $50 a piece and were totally worth it. 
 Have to love the walk in closet.  When my mother-in-law saw it, the one who lives in a house that cost 21/2 times more than ours she said, "Oh now I'm jealous!"  There is so much space.  I gave Dr. J the two little racks on the left.  The rest is all mine :)
 Master bath.  Not much to see but so nice to have.  We've never had one before and knew it was something we really wanted when we were looking for homes.  So WORTH IT!
 G bear and Peach's room.  These beds cost a pretty penny but the girls love them.  They can be in a bunk or singles.  These I bought at an actual furniture store because I wanted something very specific and I wanted quality pieces that would last until these little girls move off to college.  I think I did pretty well. 
 These bed sets I got at Target on clearance for $15.  I've been holding on to them for six months just waiting to get them up.  Originally I wanted to do the girls room in stripped pink, but this room was already yellow and it matched so well with the bedding I thought, why mess with what works.  The only thing I really dislike about the room right now is the dresser is just a pine color.  I'd love to paint it white but I've never redone any furniture and it makes me nervous. 
 I found this curtain rod at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it matched the bedding so perfectly I had to have it.
 Here are Peach and GiGi.  Can you tell how much they love the room?


  1. Wow! What a tour!

    The house looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I, for one, love the shower curtain! Can't beat the price and I love the print...you did great! Love the rest of the house as well!

  3. Show off! The house looks awesome. I'm loving all that space for the kids to run around. I'm already planning my next visit and am excited to hang out with you in a much larger kitchen area while you cook for me. :) Get the guest room ready.

  4. LOL! Beautiful house girlie! I can't wait to come visit!



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