Monday, March 28, 2011

The Whole Truth...

For anyone who missed it in the previous post we are going to Indianapolis.  Houses are being looked at boxes are being packed.  In less than three months this family will have moved on.  My sister questioned the wisdom of putting the  video of Dr. J up.  She said his initial shock made her want to cry.  I will admit that I briefly debated.  There is a pressure on blogs to keep them positive to almost a fault.  "I love my husband who is the most handsome, smart, hardworking, helpful man alive.  I love my children who are the smartest, most obedient, best looking Gap models, quickest to walk, talk, and learn their ABC's.  I never feel better than when I'm pregnant, nursing, waking up with my triplets fifty times a night.  My photographs are always divine, my cooking sublime, my taste in clothes make me a living shrine!"  I love blogs.  They give me great ideas and inspiration.  I love keeping mine, but it is also my journal.  My life is good and I am happy but that doesn't mean that bad stuff doesn't happen, that life always goes the way I plan, that life doesn't have stress, that I never yell at my children, that my husband and I never disagree, or that I am never disappointed.  As my journal I want my blog to be a true reflection of me and so that's why you got that video nugget.  This is my life and that is the whole truth!

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  1. *grin* Nothing makes me happier than honest and charming imperfection.



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