Sunday, March 13, 2011

eShakti Review

Part of being a Mormon is following a certain code of modesty (ie, wearing sleeves, dresses to your knees, neck and back lines that aren't plunging).  The comeback of capris was a lifesaver to Mormon woman but since not all styles off the rack are so forgiving plenty of businesses have grown up to cater to our needs.  We have embraced slips and undershirts to be shown, tiny sweaters to cover arms, and you can find us wearing leggings under our shorts as well as our skirts.  It allows us to follow some of the trends of the time but have a distinct style all our own.  For the most part I'm grateful.  Thank you Shade shirts for letting me wear off the rack dresses and capris for keeping me from burning up in the summer.  That being said sometimes I just want to wear something without having to worry about the extra layers I'm going to use for my "Mormon Problem Areas".  Enter eShakti.  A couple of months ago my friend Nancy mentioned a site that for a nominal fee would allow you to customize your clothing.  I read some mixed reviews about the site but I really need something cute for Dr. J's graduation and so I decided to give try it out on a spring dress, thinking that if that worked I could use them for the graduation attire.  The dress I picked had no sleeves, something normally I'd either not even consider or have to use a Shade to deal with.  This time I just added sleeves when I ordered. 

The cost of customizing a dress...7.50.  You can change the neckline, length, and sleeves for that price.  You can order normal sizes, 0-26, or you can specify your actual measurements, my arms are this many inches, my waist is this many, etc.  The dress is sort of a disaster.  I mean seriously, I'm at an all time high in my chunkiness, why did I order something with so much fabric and ruffles, and while I ordered something with color because I'm sick of my entire closet being black and brown, I'm not going to lie, I miss a dark color...that being said, the workmanship was great!  The sleeves look like they were always intended to be part of the dress.  The service was fast.  The cost reasonable.  The amount of choices amazing.  They have tons of great styles on the site and by allowing you to change aspects like sleeves, color, and length they give you access to almost limitless styles.  They also send e-mails each month offering money off new orders.  While there is a disadvantage to not being able to try stuff on (yes that would have probably helped me avoid looking like a cupcake :) I enjoy the option of being able to make decisions from home.  Also returns are easy and if you choose to get a gift card instead of cash back they'll refund you 20% higher than the price of the dress make up for some of the lost cost in shipping.  I've read some reviews of people who didn't like the results but for me it worked and I'll be using them again.

If you want to try them, my referral code CrysSlade51 will get you $20 off your order, plus the first time you customize a dress they'll do it for free waving the normal 7.50 fee.  In full disclosure I get a referral credit if you buy using that code so if that makes you uncomfortable you can usually find other coupon codes online.


  1. You are my third friend to post a review this month! And they all included a code...which makes me tempted to get a dress. :) We can't afford it right now, but maybe I'll "need" something special for Andrew's graduation next year... :D

  2. Sounds cool. Maybe I'll get a summer dress. I think your dress is cute!

  3. Sounds cool. I really wish they did shoes...I'm having a hard time finding cute shoes being as I have one normal foot and one cankle!

  4. I thought you looked great at church and it is nice to see other colors. You looked pretty!



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