Friday, March 11, 2011

Not Even Two...

and she speaks in volumes.  My two oldest children took their time learning the language of their parents.   They reveled in being the baby, having grunts and smiles be answered with more food or drink.  Dislike what your parents are saying, just turn away and act like you never heard.  For months the only world Captain E would use was no.  Gigi was no better.  Painfully, when they couldn't take the misunderstandings any longer they finally began to speak.  Perhaps because there are people living in the house much more fun than mom and dad, Peach is the complete opposite.  There isn't a word that she doesn't imitate.  Size is immaterial to the words she decides to include in her vocabulary.  She likes them all and has been blessed with the ability to understand most of them.  Within weeks of her first word she started trying her hand at sentences.  A bugger on her finger, "Ewww, that's disgusting."  Today she wanted to watch a movie.  She came up to me, "Momma I want to watch a movie."  When I didn't instantly reply she said it again, "I want to watch a movie."  Dr. J and I cracked up.  What happened to the words "movie, movie" with some grunting and frantic hand motions.  I long ago gave up on keeping list of her most recently acquired words but it is still fun to occasionally stop and process how far she's come.  It is of course is a bittersweet pill.

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