Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need a Change

When women get that major itch to change something in their lives it usually means they are either going to rearrange furniture or cut their hair.  This week it was the hair.  My hair was driving me nuts this month, I mean just absolutely bonkers.  I had a constant list going through my head.

-Sick of seeing the clumps of it in the shower.
-Sick of cleaning the mountain of it out of the vacuum (The picture on the left is actually just a small bit of what I found in that thing...seriously yuck!)
-Sick of Cheetah trying to rip it out of my head.
-Sick of the way the weight was dragging the curl out of the top.
-Sick of never doing a bloody thing with it.  I mean hello ponytail city!
-Sick, just sick to death of my hair.

Sunday I woke up at midnight and went into the bathroom.  I looked at my hair and seriously contemplated taking the bathroom scissors to it.  I mean the bathroom scissors, had I lost my mind?  I got myself back into bed and the next morning messaged my friend  Jessica who always has her hair together, "Who cuts your hair again and how can I contact her?"  She quickly responded and I e-mailed Whitney immediately.  "This is a hair emergency," I told her, "I almost cut my own hair last night."  She set me up with an appointment for Thursday and I had an unbearable three days waiting it out.  I spent hours pouring over short hairstyles with word searches like.

- "short hair styles"
-"curly short hair styles"
- "curly short hair styles for round faces"
- "curly short hair stylesfor fat girls"

I read an article where some blogging idiot said that even movie stars who look good with short hair look even more "bang-able" with long hair, "so all you ugly regular ladies out there keep your hair long", and I had to again resist the urge to take scissors immediately to my hair.

I didn't say a word about the appointment to Dr. J.  I didn't want to discuss it or be wishie washy on the issue. I didn't want to feel unduly influenced one way or the other.  I didn't want to torture him by making him looking at five thousand picture of my hypothetical cut.  I just sat it out, kept hiding those bathroom scissors, and did a lot of teeth grinding.

Today I drove out to Whitney's salon.  She was adorable, peppy and cheerful, like an old friend from high school you haven't seen in years.  Her salon is attached to her house and while fully, and I do mean fully stocked it also has room for toys, a video area, and a kids lounge area, which was pretty darn convenient considering I had Cheetah and Peach with me.  Look, I have to save my friend babysitting for real emergencies, like dentist appoints, which speaking of ladies I have one next week.  Anyone want to take Peach for an hour, anyone?  But back to Whitney.  I showed her a few pictures online and then after she asked me a few questions to make sure I was of sound mind before chopping all my hair all off she asked me if I wanted to donate to "Locks of Love".  I said, "Heck yeah!"  So she made a braid and chopped off a good foot of hair before you could even say the world "bang-able".  She then got to the business of giving me back some curls and at this point what I can only describe as mom dignity, because when you hair is in a pony every day of your life you do not feel pretty.  When she was done, I was so happy.  No regret here!

I then drove out to the hospital to get some papers from Dr. J that needed to be at the post office yesterday.  He was meeting us downstairs. I saw him first and then saw his face when he saw me.  Definitely surprise there! "Oh my, you cut your hair."  He gave me a good PDA kiss and told me he thought it looked great and he loved that I donated the rest.  I was definitely feeling the waves of nostalgia and I wonder if he was to.  You see eleven years ago when he first saw me sitting a row ahead of him in a 100 person plus organic chemistry class it was the desire to touch sassy little curls just like these that made him first decide he needed to talk to me.


  1. Gorgeous. Definitely the right decision!

  2. LOVE it Crystal! So, So cute!

  3. Love it! Super cute! That's the Crys I remember too. Love it!

  4. Love it, Love it, LOVE it! Now where are those bathroom scissors...

  5. It seriously is so cute!! It looks so good on you. It really is a wonder what a good haircut can do.



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