Monday, September 3, 2012

Back To School Cuts

 Before school started I decided to start a tradition of back to school cuts for the girls at a real salon.  GG wanted to keep her hair "long and beautiful" but she agreed to submit to a trim of six inches.  Her hair is so long that even with that trim it is still SO LONG :)
 She loved getting the shampoo.
Even though she was anxious she sat very still for the cut.  I can still remember her first bob that took hours because she was moving so much.  She's definitely matured since then.
 Who doesn't love a good blow out?  Obviously her hair loves it.  Can you say strands of golden silk!
 Yes this is my gorgeous daughter!
 She loved having a little curl in her hair.  She told me recently that it makes her sad that her hair is never curly.  Oddly enough it makes me a little sad as well.  I always resented my curly hair and wanted it straight but I wish this was one thing we shared :)  I guess there is still hope.  My sister Ang always had the straightest hair but sometime after puberty it started to take a nice curl.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
 A couple weeks later it was Peach's turn.  Her hair was finally getting long enough to take a tiny pony but it was so crazy and frizzy looking I just didn't know what to do.  The beautician suggested we pixie cut it and just keep cutting it short until is thickens up.  It is definitely still crazy but a little more manageable.  She was so cute about the whole thing.  When she came home she said, "Daddy am I still pretty?"  Like a good daddy he told her that she was.  She's been happy about it ever since.  She's been watching a lot of Dora and wearing a backpack.  She'll come to me as say, "Anything that you can need I have right here in my backpack."  It's so funny that with the new cut we decided we'll probably dress her as Dora for Halloween.  Sorry to steal your idea Ang :)

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