Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grandparent's Visit

We had grandparents come into town this summer for Captain E's baptism.  One of the nice things about living by an airport is people are more likely to come out to see you.  Grandpa Bob, Grandma Linda, and Nana were all here.  It was fun for the kids to see extended family.  I tell Dr. J, I'm 80% happy here, but 20% of me wishes we were closer to family.  

Peach has always loved Grandpa Bob.  There are a couple of guys that she just really feels attached to and he is one of them.  She is his little cuddly bug and ever since she was a little baby she's had him wrapped around her finger.
We took the kids goofy golfing for the first time.  I am definitely the inconsistent hitter.  Sometimes it would take me 10 stokes, 3 times I got a hole in one.  The kids had a good time even if they didn't completely understand the rules.  Peach picked up a lot of balls and Gigi would kick things in when she got bored.

 The Grandma's and I took turns golfing and holding Sweetie Petite.  I'm sure it's not so hard to imagine but golfing and holding a baby are hard to do at the same time :)
 Watch out for Gigi when she has the club.  That thing was swinging all over the place.  I was sure someone was going to get hit!

 Three generations of competitive goofy golfers :)
 Why is it impossible to get three kids to look the same direction at once?  Einstein answer me that from beyond the grave won't you!

 It was a fun day and in the end we wore grandpa out!

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