Monday, September 3, 2012

July 4th

 What was I doing all summer?  Seems like I got really behind on blogging.  Maybe four kids is a little harder than I originally realized.  Anyway forgive me now for taking the blog back four months back but I never got a chance to post our 4th of July pics!  Do you like my flag cake.  I've wanted to make one for years but never got around to it.  This year we got invited to a friend potluck and I thought who doesn't love cake!  If I do say so myself it was a beaut.

Then there was the watermelon stars.  I saw this pinned and thought, "WHY THE HECK NOT!"  They were mainly for the kids, although truth be told they were snatched up mostly by the adults.

 Dr. J spends his time trying to instill lots of different talents and occupational skills in our children.  Circus performer is the first one he likes to introduce after I teach them about competitive eating :)
Sweetie Petite is up to snuff.  Keep in mind she was 8 months here or 5 1/2 adjusted :)  Speaking of Dr. J I have no idea how he managed to make this event?  Did he have a day off, was it a holiday at work, was he just coming off night shift.  I honestly can't remember, but it was nice to have him around at an event!

 After almost everyone had left we engaged in some illegal sparkler fun.  Under normal circumstances our city has very liberal rules about fireworks and last year we'd often heard people setting off what I would consider professional grade stuff well into the month of August, but this year the Midwest had one of the most severe droughts in recorded US history, so everything, EVERYTHING was banned.  These were done in our friend's backyard and by then our law school friends had left.  So it was just the two doctor families quietly breaking the law behind a six foot privacy fence.  Shhh, don't turn us in :)

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