Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week in an Insta(gram)

Peach has really been enjoying this year.  She's finally in preschool, a dream of her since Gigi went two years ago.  Sorry kiddo one kid in preschool year is kind of our limit.  She is the cutest when I pick her up.  She always greets me with a huge "Momma".  Then she proceeds to give me the run down of her day.  I should video tape it.  Her voice is so tiny it's like being with a living breathing sesame street segment.  My favorite is when she narrates her life.  "To put my shirt on I start with this arm, then this one, then my head."  It makes cooking with her super fun.  This week we made banana bread.  She put in all the ingredients in after periodically checking the recipe, and then started the mixer herself.  She added sprinkles on the top and the kids loved it.  She then started in on the dishes.  Love this kid!

So our garden this year was sort of a flop.  Things took to long to get started and then stumped out for a few weeks until I figured out that fish emulsion was the way to go.  Then our garden took off.  We've been reaping the goods in way of carrots...which is awesome because Gigi loves them.  I found nubs in her closet this week.  Wish I loved carrots this much!
We've had kids in our bed everyday this week.  EVERYDAY!  Why is it our two youngest are the two least likely to sleep?  I looked at our kids yesterday and said to Dr. J, "in just a few years when they are big enough to do the chores without a lot of help we're going to have a good thing here"....until then we'll just have to enjoy these cuddle times.  

Gigi put these pjs on.  When I asked her why she was wearing Peaches' pajamas she said, "Wait, what do you mean these aren't mine?"

Cheetah is just getting crazier and crazier.  The girls is a climber.  She likes to get up on everything.  She likes to pull items off all our shelves. She loves to stand.  Today she took a step toward Captain E.  Then she did it again.  I was so bummed out that I missed it.  Then she took a step toward me.  She's such a cutie!
Peach loves her olives.
And her sister.  She ask Gigi if she can sleep in her bed almost every night.  Sometimes Gigi lets her, sometimes she says, "No, you are too noisy and you play too long."  These little girls crack me up.

This week the weather has really started to change.  Fall is coming.  It's been cloudy a lot and we even had a hail storm.  The kids wanted to run out and play in the rain.  I convinced them to stay on the porch so they didn't get knocked by any ice but they still grabbed a few pieces to eat.  It was a little intense.  

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