Monday, July 7, 2014

Joe's Beautiful Yard - Traveling With Kids in Kenya

It is 57 degrees right now, 57 degrees.  I'm bundled in a blanket.  Who would have guessed that my summer in Equatorial Africa would be one of the coldest summers of my life.  I guess when you live on the equator your winter is determined by the coming of the rains which are pushed by massive amounts of cool air.  We happen to be here during the rainy season.  It isn't so rainy right now, but it is rainy enough to keep things cool and rainy enough to keep things green.  Almost all of these pictures are from Joe's yard.  He lives across the street from the IU compound but still in the main compound.  He has an open door policy to the kids and they love being his yard.  We go there every day.  Some of their favorite places to hang our are in the guard house, Peach, Cheetah, and Archer can hole up in this tiny little room for an hour at a time.  I don't know why they think it is so fun but they love it.  Other favorite spots for them are in the dog kennel, they play puppy there.  They like hanging out under the guava tree.  Josie and I look like idiots but we will hop around and grab limbs until we can get the guava the kids love to eat.  We sit on the back porch and watch chickens in the neighboring yard run around.  We sit on the front porch and read books.  We sit under the palm frond hut or on the bench and watch birds feeding.  It is a lovely yard and I feel really luckily that Joe allows us full access whenever we want.  

This is one of the few pictures not from Joe's house.  This is up at hill top.  IU rents the two huge houses and two servants quarters up here and a big group of the more permanent researchers and workers live up here.  It is a beautiful compound.  We play up here daily as well.  There are blueberries behind one of the servants that we like to eat.  There is also two huge baskets full of sports equipment up here and we play with what is around.  The girls also enjoy watching the weekly dodge ball game that happens here every Thursday night.  

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