Monday, July 7, 2014

"I want some China Buns" - Traveling with Kids in Kenya

Everywhere we go the girl's hair is of interest...shoot even my hair is occasionally of interest.  When I go to the Sally Test Center there are always a few kids that want to run their fingers through my hair.  I don't mind, especially since more than once I've used that moment as an excuse to rub my finger through their hair as well, but for the most part the attention I receive is just a fraction of what the girls get.  I often will look over and see people touching their heads, rubbing their fingers through their hair, giving their locks a little tug.  For the most part adults are discrete but kids, well kids are a different story.  At church there is always a gaggle of boys following these girls around and sometimes when I peek out at the kids during prayer I'll see a kid or two reaching out rubbing a few strands.  The girls are really good natured about this but a few days ago they asked me to put their hair up in buns.  Peach described hers as puppy dog ears, Gigi called hers "China buns".  Her exact words to me, "Mom can you put my hair into China buns?"  "China buns, what are China buns?"  "You know the way Chinese people put their hair in buns, like panda bear ears." I'm not really sure where she came up with this...possibly it has something to do with all the Pokemon she plays and watches...does Japanese Anime have a lot of double buns?  Anyway I gave her some buns and she loved them.  Below is a tutorial of sort of the look she wanted, but I had no bobby pins so I did something similar to one of the buns in the second video.  Anyway these are fun and the girls both loved them.  We've also done a lot of flower hairstyles this month...I mean there are a ton of beautiful tropic flowers here so why not.  These white and yellow ones are my favorite.  They almost look plastic, paper, or ceramic they are so sturdy and they smell amazing, like a delicious perfume.  I'm yet to figure out which tree they are coming off, I just find them on the ground as we are walking but I am determined to find which tree they come off of.  

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