Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Confessional - I Have A Sixth Sense

Have you ever watched the TV show Stan Lee's Superhumans?  Daniel Browning Smith travels the word for Stan Lee looking for people that have super human traits.  Some of these traits are amazing.  It is a real life version of the movie Unbreakable.  After each investigation Stan Lee gives each person their own superhero character.  Sometimes when I'm watching I wonder if I were a super hero what would my character be.  Today it would have been "Crazy Library Lady with 4 Kids."  Definitely not unique and if you saw the results today you'd think not that impressive.  Thanks Linea for saving me.  So maybe I'm not really a super hero, but in some odd twist of fate both Dr. J and I have our own little sixth senses.

For Dr. J he is a gender guessing guru.  I don't know how he does it but whenever he has to guess the gender of a baby he is spot on.  You think it would be easy.  Girl or boy, girl or boy.  Fifty percent chance you are going to get it right, right?  It's either one or the other, but almost every time I guess I'm wrong.  Even with our own children, who you think I would have a good sense on since they were growing in my body, only with Captain E did I get the gender right.  Forget about other people's babies.  Dr. J has some special skills though.  I can't say it makes him a superhero but when it comes to buy gifts for friends and family who don't want to find out the gender of the baby it gives us a little bit of an edge :)

My Sixth Sense, I'm super good at calling divorces.  Really when you think about it, it's kind of depressing.  It's not like I have the power to prevent them, I'm just good at seeing when they are going to happen.  I read an article once where researches claimed that just by watching people argue they can tell you if they are going to get divorced or not.  I don't need to see them argue.  I can tell just seeing a couple together.  Shoot sometimes I don't even have to see them together, I just know hearing one of them talk to other on the phone.  I don't even need to know them.  I remember seeing an interview with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt on Oprah when they were first married.  I turned to Dr. J and said, "They're going to get divorced and mark my words it will be because of Brad."  Sadly enough, when it happened, I did not feel good about myself.  I mean really who would.  It really is a totally fruitless gift.    No one wants to be friends with Physic Divorce Girl.  Maybe if I was a divorce attorney or a private eye who built cases against spouses it would be useful, but I'm not.  Me sharing this information, well it is just a no, no.  I mean really who would want to hear it, mark my words, NO ONE!  So I think for now I just need to keep working on my day job.  Maybe someday I can be Library Lady Without Screaming Kids.


  1. Oh No! Crystal! That's a horrible gift! I would totally love to steal your husband's though... your right, it should be easy, but it's totally NOT!

    I wonder what my gift is... ummmm... can eat an entire batch of cookie dough without puking girl? Lame. I'm going to think some more and get back to you.

  2. Oh heavens! Please, no predictions for our marriage.

    But as for Dr. J's gift, it could come in very handy right about now... We'd reveal our identity, but we're not announcing yet. So can your sixth senses combined figure out who?

    Love your blog. :)

  3. Did you call Tom Cruise's and Katie Holmes' divorce?

    Hopefully you can master the library lady gift sometime, I'm still working on it.



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