Thursday, July 19, 2012

60 Pictures of Birthday Bliss

 This year we decided to throw a joint birthday party for Peach and Captain E.  We invited a bunch of our friends.  The theme was water fun.

 Thank you ornamental pear tree for the shade.  Originally we had set up on our patio but without any shade it is an unbearable place to be.  Under the shade of the tree it was about ten degrees cooler.  All the adults quickly set up camp here and the kids joined us pretty much only when they wanted to get a drink out of the cooler.

 This is Peach's best friend Sky.  These little girls do just about everything together.  My mom says it's because Sky let's Peach boss her around but I've been with them more often then she has and I think they just like being the same size.  Whenever they see each other they will scream out each other's name and then run to each other for a big hug.  Peach will often try to pick Sky up and then they fall into a pile of kid.  I asked Peach one day if she'd rather go to playgroup with us or over to play at Sky's house.  She picked Sky!  This year they'll both start preschool but they'll be on opposite days.  Makes me a little sad but I guess it is good that they'll be branching out...that's what I keep telling myself when I feel like moping :)  Sky's mom  likes to tease me that I should just trade days....

We bought this little pool for the party.  It was too small but the kids didn't seem to mind.  Even the big kids tried to go down that little slide.  

 It's nice to have friends who are willing to hold your kids.  I don't think I held Cheetah the entire party.

 I did not make the cake.  Store bought people, store bought.  It was a good week for Sam's club and Walmart, a hard week for the pocketbook.  We spent a pretty penny on this thing, the food, the cakes, the presents, the water games, a folding table for outside, decorations, pinata, candy, outside games, the fireworks.  Dr. J has a sort of go big attitude about holidays.  I happen to love that about him!

 Look at how green my lawn was.  It's pretty dried out now.  We're in a drought and they banned lawn watering.  It caused me some distress.  I personally blame Dr. J for this.  All the hours he made me got out there and weed with him, I actually got pretty attached to the lawn.  "Pride of ownership," my husband likes to quote at me when I'm griping about the work, the tediousness of the endeavor the heat.  He's right though, when you spend time taking care of something you actually start to appreciate it, to love it.  That's right people I love that green grass, well the yellow grass now.  Luckily we got three really good days of rain here so I'm hoping my lawn will make it through the summer and not completely die off.

Pinata time.  I didn't get any pictures of the actual pinata swings because I was the rope holder.  Little good that did.  I think the sixth kid broke the thing down.  You think the other kids would have been sad but when they saw the candy flying they all went running!

In the end it was a great time was had be all.  We even set off fireworks at the end.  Which was nice because the next month when we were in drought conditions fireworks became illegal in our city :(

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