Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 I got a new crib for Cheetah!  In four kids this is the first crib I ever bought.  We used to have this little tiny crib that someone gave us.  The mattress was trashed though so we got this new one using credit card rewards.  Ended up costing me only $30!  Can't beat that.  Cheetah hates it.  I mean really.  She likes to climb up and stand in it, but then of course she falls and bumps her face.  She is a spaz!

Pony meat...yum!

 Pretty girl!

 I love this hair style on Peach.  So cute!

I wore this flower in my hair a few Sunday's ago and this older guy in my ward started calling me his Hawaiian angle.  Cracks me up.  Back in the day when I was at BYU sometimes the Polynesian students would ask me what island my family came from.  Um, the Island of Mexico I guess. Haha!

 I got a new bread recipe offline.  Seriously the best bread I've ever had.  The kids love it as well.  I found this 1/4 of a loaf devoured on the cutting board.  Apparently the kids had been pulling off chunks to eat while they were watching cartoons.

Peach got her hands on Captain E's harmonica.  Captain E was not happy!
Cheetah can sleep anywhere...and I do mean anywhere.  Must be nice to be able to sleep in any position.  

This little girl babysits the kids sometimes.  They LOVE HER!  I mean LOVE HER!  She is adorable.

 Our young woman.  The kids think they are fun to be around.  

 This cracked me up.  They were playing a game of dolphin.  Whenever they would obey and jump out of the water they would be rewarded with Doritos.

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