Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peach's Birthday Cake

 Remember when someone had a birthday?  The actual day of her birthday went by with little fan fare.  Dad was working nights or on call or something.  I honestly don't think we saw him the entire day.  But the day could not pass without some notice so we cooked up a giant cookie and ate it covered in ice cream!

We played at the park with some of my MOPS girlfriends and their kids.  Between the four of us there were 9 kids and the three of them were all pregnant (Heather had her baby a few weeks ago and Jamie's is being delivered today).  Jamie's husband joined us for lunch because they were signing papers on their new house that day.  At one point I looked over and he was laugh.  There were so many kids, and so much chaos who could blame him.  The fact that the next time we get together we'll have 12 kids between us is just NUTSO!

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