Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nana Visit

My mom came into town last week.  It was heaven!  We don't get a lot of visitors.  We live so out of the way that we usually only get visitors when we have a baby or are getting a delivery.  To supplement these visits we try to make biannual or annual visits home at Christmas and the Summer.  This summer we are especially busy and poor.  We called home and told our parents...."Hey we love you but the chances of us coming out to visit this summer are zero."  Then we got the calls back..."We are coming."  This week my mom was here.  It was heaven.  I mean HEAVEN!  Church with an extra set of hands...WOW!  It is enough to make someone like church again.  My mom entertained the two older kids with one little pen and a tiny piece of paper.  How did she do that?  Dr. J and I only had to worry about Peach.  For the first time in years we  heard all three talks.  I'd be willing to say here whoever is willing to entertain my kids every Sunday, that is the place I'd be willing to move.  Be willing to entertain my kids and I will move into your ward boundaries!  We visited a lot of parks, went swimming, went shopping, cooked, cleaned, and did lots of playing.  We went to the fabric store and picked up this cute pink fabric and sewed these little flower dresses.  It makes me them look like flower petals.  It was so fun and I learned all kinds of neat tricks sewing with my mama!

Nana and Granddaughters

Peach loves drinking out of water bottles and cups.  She does not like getting wet, but she does recover.

Nana got Peach to walk playing Twister.

The kids can be trouble but not as much as the plants!


  1. I love the pics from the Gardens. It was such fun times!

  2. This was a new kind of experience for me, the nana who travels on her own without bringing along a set of her own children. Fun to have time to play with the grandkids, nice!!



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