Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Everyday Bio

It has been eight years since I graduated from school but the world is biology and I can't help but notice it.  I'm constantly amazed at how we are creatures of biology.  Recently my mother was in town loving on my children.  She wears a musk scent perfume.  It isn't overly powerful.  I kind of like it...well I did that is until I'd pick up my kids.  After a full day of nana love mom would swope in to take her chicklets off to bed and that is when that perfume smell would drive me nuts.  Instead of smelling like me, they smelled like her, 13 years after leaving home something foreign.  Yesterday I found myself rubbing my head on my daughters neck.  I started to laugh when I realized I was subconciously trying to erase the smell of the babysitter off of her and it replace it with my own, dare I say scent.  For the record humans are animals.

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