Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 Years Old


Six years old, six years old.  How did time go by so quickly?  Six years ago you were a little tiny baby.  Now you are a spaz case.  You are like your daddy.  You are arms and legs all over the place.  Never do something easy when you can do it difficult.  Question mom always.  Sometimes mom doesn't know what to do with you.  You can whine, grouch, fight with mom.  You are such a sweet boy.  You have a fierce love of family.  Your sisters are your best friends.  You spend hours entertaining them.  I think you would babysit if I let you.  You are creative.  You love inventing characters, drawing, telling stories.  You are a video junkie like papa.  Mom has to reign you in....sometimes that puts us at odds.  Sometimes that makes us a team.  We love to beat dad and take out his scores.  We are the best like that.  You still love to cuddle.  You are my hugger.  You love to read, either me reading to you or you reading to me.  You have the best laugh I've ever heard. You seem to have an aptitude for math.  I guess you aren't your mother's son on that front.  You love to learn.  You ask me to play school with you.  You love working in work books or with flash cards.  You love writing or making up new sentences.  You love meat.  You still claim to be a meatatarian. Like all boys this age you find space and dinosaurs fascinating.  You know tons of dinosaur names and your are very protective of a dinosaur fossil you made.  You are my baby boy and I love you. 

Mr. All Grown Up

E wanted a Zombie Birthday Bash.

 We decorated shirts to keep the face paint off our clothes.  Then I face painted some zombie looks.  We played feed the zombie a brain (pin the tail on the donkey) and hide the brain.  We ate pizza and fruit.

 The kids found a frog in the backyard.  Definitely a highlight of the party.
I can't have a party without feeling inadequate on the decorating front.  My mom says I feel this need to overcompensate for her lack of effort at my own parties growing up :)

Dead rat weights for the helium balloons.

Brain cake anyone?

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