Friday, June 11, 2010

Lost in Austen

How have I missed this mini series?  "Lost in Austen".  Amanda Price has been in love with Mr. Darcy since she was 14 years old.  When her boyfriend proposes using a beer bottle tab, she hits an all time low.  That night Elizabeth Bennet shows up in her bathroom and through some unexplained phenomena trades places with Amanda.  My favorite characters are here along with lots of my favorite lines and scenes, but there are problems and the story does not go traditionally. Definitely entertaining and for the above posted scene totally worth it!  I should post some warnings.  1) If you are set on nothing in the story changing...leave it alone.  2) If you think the characters can only be one way...leave it alone.  3) If you are offended by the words "Landing Strip"...leave it alone.  4)  If you don't like Jane Austen...leave it be.  If these issues don't bother you check it out now.  If you have Netflix you can watch it right this second!


  1. I actually tried really hard to get into this series and couldn't. Should have known, what with my strong dislike of anything Austin... and of British humor. We're currently having a Bones marathon via Netflix Streaming right now. Awesome.

  2. I loved it... although I was offended by the landing strip scene... I loved the idea that it brought the new to the old and the old to the new and improved on both!



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