Sunday, January 25, 2015

That Meddling Woman

I love detective shows.  I just finished two seasons of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.  It is an Australian detective show based on a series of novels by Kerry Greenwood.  Phryne Fisher comes back from World War I Europe where she spent her time driving ambulances to Melborne where she has come to inherit quite a bit of money after many male family members have died in the war.  She quickly fills her life with a menagerie of misfitted friends, starts solving crimes, and spends her time bucking the trends of the time.  She wears pants, drives cars fast, flies planes, drinks, dances, carries a gun, she is fast and loose with her love life, and solves crimes.  Ok she is a little bit of a bad girl but she is super fun to watch.  I was making list of meddling woman detectives when I first started watching this show.  There is Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher, Rosemary and Thyme, Veronica Mars, Lisbeth Salander, The Bletchly Circle, Bones, The Mentalist, and Crossing Jordan.  There are also some fun men meddlers, Psyche, Monk, Magnum PI, The Finder (why didn't that show make it more than one season), Sherlock.  Wow I'm realizing now I've watched a lot of mystery shows because this doesn't even include my cop list.

You have CSI, CSI New York, Law in Order, Law in Order SVU, Law in Order Major Crimes, Cold Case, Ripper, Broadchurch, Criminal Minds, The First 48, Foyle's War,  Inspector George Gentry, Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Major Crimes,  The X-Files...I'm starting to realize that almost everything I watch is a murder mystery.  This might explain why I don't sleep well at night.  Well regardless Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries was super fun to watch.  Can't wait for season three to come out.  I will definitely enjoy it.


  1. Miss Fisher is really good, mostly because of the characters. And the story lines. Good writing, good acting! I have read two of the books. They are okay. Usually I always like the books better, and in this case, I confess that I do not. BUT having said that, Kerry Greenwood does a fabulous job of characterization, so I can see why someone saw real potential in her books. I was so sad to finish all the episodes. I will miss Phryne. And Jack. And Dot. And Hugh. And Mr. Butler. And all of the rest of zany people who make up Miss Fisher's circle.

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