Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cleaning Up My Laundry

Laundry is the bane of my existence.  I have periodic success with getting my kids to help out but for the most part all the washing, drying, folding, ironing, and putting away are on me.  It is a daunting task.  There are six people in my family, four girls.  One daughter changes her outfits about five times a day.  One wears new pajamas every day.  One cleans her room by indiscriminately throwing everything in the laundry.  I have a husband who wears shirts and ties to work and then changes into home wear (luckily he re-wears that stuff) but it builds up.  He also wears scrubs on the weekends and pajamas every night.  For your TMI information I sleep in my underwear...mostly for comfort but the more I think about laundry the more I realize I'm doing myself a favor.  I have six sets of towels, six sets of sheets, I have dish towels, dish rags, hoodies, coats, a newly potty trained toddler and occasionally I try to cloth diaper.  What am I THINKING?  So this is my life.  Laundry exhaust me.  Today I spent the whole working on laundry.  I was ironing shirts, switching loads, matching socks (that took about an hour on it's own) and it was sometime in the moment when I trying to shove another pair of pants into my daughters overstuffed drawers that I realized I'm just making my life harder for myself.  There are some things I have no control over, like what my husband wears to shirts but my kids having these over stuffed drawers, these I could take control of.  So I had my girls come in and we purged the drawers.  I just couldn't imagine any situation in which they needed 25 t-shirts.  And so I made them cut down, 12 shirts a piece top.  Pants you only need six pairs.  Skirts you can have four.  I mean really why do my kids need all these clothes.  So I unloaded the drawers.  I'm hoping this will help me out.  It will for sure make putting laundry away easier.  I will probably still have to wash just as much laundry but hopefully with less clothes I'll have to wash more often and maybe my laundry day will take only half the day as oppose to the whole day of torture I had today.  Why do I buy so much clothing.  I want to be a minimalist....and maybe a nudist.  I honestly can see the plus in that.


  1. When I was at my daughter Abra's house, her kids were cleaning up their room by throwing them in the laundry and I WENT BALLISTIC! I gave them a piece of my mind big time! "Your mom works so hard!" I yelled. "Stop making more work for her! Those pants are CLEAN--I just folded them this morning, fresh from the dryer. Cleaning your room does NOT mean everything goes in the laundry. NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!" Holy cow, were they shocked! Because I never yelll. Like, until then, I probably had not yelled for twenty years. But seriously, they needed to hear it, because their mom was letting them get away with it. you need me to come and yell at your daughter? Or maybe we can do it over skype. Because, just NO.

    1. Yes Myrna please come and then after you give my kids a good warning I'll send you on to Bridget!

  2. Yes, I am dying from the laundry, too! Just today I was in my girls' room doing the same thing as you - getting rid of the extra. I tend to buy most of their clothes in a huge batch in the US every other year, and I think I overdid it in 2013. Myrna, I had to laugh at your comment because I just had that discussion with my girls today. Cleaning up by throwing stuff in the laundry is easiest for everyone except ME.

    I guess laundry is in the air!

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