Monday, January 5, 2015

Book Reviews 50-56

I am sort of sick of book reviews.  There are such great ones on Amazon or Goodreads I just don't care to take the time to repeat them.  I'm thinking if I can do these descriptions in 20 words or less I'd be happier, so here goes a description in 20 words or less and then a sentence on how I felt about it.

Product DetailsIcons - Margaret Stohl
Aggressive, energy stopping alien invasion.  Four over "feeling" teens have power to start revolution. The relationships were sort of predictable but I enjoyed it.

Product DetailsThreatened - Eliot Schrefer
In debt AIDS orphan runs away and makes a family with wild chimpanzees.  This was a great book, although pretty intense.

May B. - Caroline Starr Rose 
Dyslexic girl fights for survival after being abandoned at a Kansas prairie sod homestead.  This story is written in verse.  It was the first of two poems I read this year.  I generally I hate poetry.  It drives Dr. J crazy when I say that but I just never enjoyed poetry when I was taking English classes but these verses told a story and I really enjoyed it.

Breaking Stalin's Nose

Product DetailsDown The Long Hills - Louis L'Amour
Seven and three year old fight for survival on the prairie while running from outlaws and Native Americans.  This was my first experience with a Louis L'Amour book.  It was an interesting story but I will admit that the way he talks about Native Americans did make me a little uncomfortable.

The Bees: A Novel - Laline Paull
Flora 717 breaks out of her sanitation role, experiencing all the roles in the hive as well as producing eggs.  This book was so bizarre.  It was written in the voice of a sanitation worker bee who manages to disrupt her hive by breaking out of her caste.  The whole time I was reading I was like, wait this is about bees.  It was actually pretty good although their was some weird bee sexual innuendo which was just sort of weird.  Also bees are pretty darn vicious.  I'm just saying.

Borrowed Names: Poems about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C. J Walker, Marie Curie, and Their Daughters - Jeannine Atkins
 Poetry following the life achievements are mother daughter relationships of three incredible woman.  This book was my favorite of the whole year, in fact I'm making my book group read it.

Talker 25 - Joshua McCune
In a world where dragons are foes one girl can communicate with them telepathically.  Totally stupid but I loved it!

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