Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shutterfly Deals - I LOVE Photobooks, especially free and cheap ones!

I heart Photobooks, just seriously adore them.  In our twelve years of marriage we are now on our third digital camera and we both have smart phones with which we take a million pics.  For years they just sat on our computer forlornly waiting for something to be done with them.  It was sad.  One day Gigi asked me why I'd never bothered to finish her baby book See left side of the screen.  See the book with blue pages, that was Captain E's book and I'd completed it up until his second birthday.  The yellow book on the right was Gigi's book.  She was two months old in the last picture posted.  It made her super sad and it made me sad to see her so sad, but putting together scrapbooks was just a pain for me.  I had to go online, find the pictures I liked, send them to a developing site (or costco or walmart), pick them up and then stare at them for weeks trying to decide how I wanted to put them on the dumb scrapbook pages.  People, scrap booking stressed me out.  It just did.  What happened to the good old days of just slipping pictures into slots?

When I saw her sad little face though I decided something had to be done (and considering I'd had two more kids after her who also had zero baby pics printed, I'd better do something easy.  That's how I got into photo books.  I love photo books.  You just download the pics you want onto a site, then either have them organize them into a book for you, you organize it, or have them organize it and then you slightly tweak it.  Then you order you book.  The books can be a little pricey but I've found that if you keep your eyes open there are always deals popping up.  I have no company loyalty.  I just go to who is doing the deals and so far I have only been pleased, never disappointed.  It took me less than a week of after the kids went to bed tinkering to get three 1st year baby photo books put together for my three younger daughters.  They were super happy when they came.  They love looking at pictures of themselves.  Since then I've printed out books of vacations, professional photo shoots we've done with my good friend Jessica (we buy the rights to those pics so we can use them how we please), and just family books of stuff going on.  I love having them.  They are great to own and they also make great gifts for grandparents.

Right now Shutterfly is running two great deals.  The first is a free 8x8 20 pages book.  All you need to do is get on, make your 8x8 book and then enter the code BOOK4FREE in the coupon code when you are checking out.  You have to pay tax and shipping but $8.50 for a photo book is a great deal.  Groupon is also running Shutterfly photobook deals right now.  You can get an 8x8 book for $10, an 8x10 for $17, and the 10x10 (my favorite size) for $21.99.  Seriously great deals!     


  1. I love photo books, too. Yours look great!

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