Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unfortunate Events

So I guess you could say I just haven't felt like typing recently.  I blame you, my family and friends.  I posted a video of the cutest tapper ever and only one person commented on it, only ONE PERSON!  The cutest tapper EVER!  Family you are letting me down!  Regardless lets talk about some other parts of my life that are currently letting me down.  My car for one.  My trusty little van that we bought right before Peach was born died on me this weekend.  We tried to jump it and it was dead, dead.  We decided we'd have to take it to the shop but unfortunately we had to drive to the shop to see if they could pick it up, because it turns out that our phones are dead as well.  For five days now we have had no cell phone service in our neighborhood, so no phone.  Sprint right now I HATE you!  It is almost impossible to deal with your phone company when you don't have a phone to call them.  The first two days I had to chat with them online.  "Don't worry they are just working on a tower it will be up soon enough."  Day three Dr. J was home so we drove to the garage to ask them if they could come and tow the van.  I called sprint again.  "We understand, we understand, we're working on it."  This was the day I had an anxiety attack.  No car, no phone, I've been in the house in the winter for three days, Dr. J has been on call and the worst part, I've been cleaning for three days straight and I kid you not, you could not tell.  I was actually hyperventilating.  Luckily our car guys texted us, yup they couldn't call, they had to text.  Turns out the battery was super dead.  Like never going to work again dead.  Luckily we had a warranty on the thing and were able to get a new battery for free...well if you don't include the money we spent have the car towed and having the problem sussed out.  So then I had a car again, but I was still down a phone.  I called Sprint again.    "Every tower in your area is broken.  We're working on it."  Well obviously not very hard because this morning I woke and I still have no phone.  And at loss with you Sprint.  What can I do?


  1. So frustrating! I'm glad the van is fixed and I hope the phone service follows soon.

  2. It's like you live out in the country or something...



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