Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

So I had Easter plans this year.  I invited two of my girlfriends over and their families.  I hoped for some help eating the roast I was making for Dr. J and the ham I was making for myself (we are still having this argument 10 years later).  But I digress.  Then this morning I woke up feeling horrible.  I thought I had that stomach flu that kept going around.  I texted my friends and said, "DON'T COME OVER!"  You have to understand illness has been going through our friend group for months.  The very idea that I could pass something on, well it just made me feel horrible. I stayed home from church, didn't eat and slept.  Dr. J came home from church and I slept some more.  A deep sleep that I couldn't rouse myself from.  Finally at five I got up and now I feel pretty good.  Who knows what was going on.  Sorry I cancelled ladies.  I was so looking forward to our ham bananza/Easter egg hunt.  I will have to have you over later this week to make up for it.  But luckily for the kids we do all our Easter basket stuff on Saturday so my weird illness did no effect their basket fun.  Lucky for mom nana provided most of the basket fun.  All I added was a chocolate bunny for each kid, two packages of Peeps, and one bag of Cadbury Eggs.  She sent all the gardening tools and seeds which the kids have already started planning outside in random parts of the yard :)

Here are some pictures from our Saturday fun.

Cheetah was very happy with her haul.  Her favorite part the tiny Chocolate Easter bunny I got her.  Unfortunately for her she hasn't figured out how to eat through the wrapper.  We have found her about ten times on the table eating Cadbuy Eggs.  

 Captain E was most excited about his chocolate bunny and his little blue squish pet.  He collects these squishy balls from target and he was like, "OH my gosh mom now they have a pet!"

 Little Miss Peach loved her bunny ears and her little purple bunny.  It has had a blast velcroing it to her leg and running around the house like a crazy person!

 For Gigi bear it was all about the chocolate bunny.  She got that thing out and before I knew it had him dancing.

Last night we also decorate three dozen eggs. The kids had a blast.  I pulled out a bunch of crayons and they had a good time drawling all over them before throwing them in the dye.  I also had this brilliant idea to put rubber bands around them and throw them in the dye, then put more around them and throw them in a new color.  Turns out it wasn't so brilliant and a couple of eggs were crushed that way.  But I did have one successful rubber band egg.

All and all I think it was a fairly nice holiday, if you exclude that whole excruciating pain ruining my dinner party thing :(  Also included in our holiday was the reading of end of Jesus's life and the Resurrection in the Bible, and then today we also watched The Lamb of God on Youtube.  Turns out the only copy Dr. J could find at our house was a VHS.  Luckily we were able to find it on the computer although his first attempts to find it on the Church of Jesus Christ website were thwarted, so he turned to Google and found it within seconds.  I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again, "Church you really need to work on your search function on your website.  Seriously finding stuff on your website is the worst I've ever seen!"

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