Monday, March 25, 2013

When Your Mom Only Gave You Three Sisters You Improvise

The hardest part of living in the Midwest for me is the isolation I feel from being so far away from my family.  My sister and I talk about this often, how nice it would be when we were having a bad day to just go and sit with each other.  To be able to take our kids to each others houses and just let them play when we need a break.  It would be great for us and I think it would be great for them as well.  As it stands now we get to physically be in the same room once a year but thanks to apple and a little program called facetime our kids can see each other whenever they want.  Which is awesome, and yes the kids love it!  

 We got a ton of snow last night, a ton, and it is still snowing this morning.  At first the kids were excited and went out to play, but the novelty of a late march snowstorm soon wore off and they came back in to play.  We pulled out some dress ups.  Poor Captain E, when you mom only gives you three sisters you have to improvise to get your Mario. We put Cheetah in a padded lady bug costume to be our little mushroom but we couldn't keep her still for pictures and she wouldn't leave the hat on that Captain E made her.  Oh well.  Viva Mario!

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