Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inadvertently Breaking the Law

We are not law breakers by nature, okay we speed but let's be honest few people in the United States actually consider that law breaking. I am also generally considered a very cautious person.  We always have heath insurance, life insurance, disability, home, car...I'm just cautious, which is why what I figured out last night was so horrifying.  I had been expecting a bill for our car insurance to come but it hadn't.  I waited a week, than another, than another.  Finally I decided to go online to see what the hold up had been.  That's when I found out we've been driving FOR SIX MONTHS WITHOUT CAR INSURANCE!  I was SICK!  I mean just SICK!  I quickly, like immediately paid and got the insurance current.  Then I spent an hour saying, "I can't believe that happened.  What if we'd been pulled over?  What if we'd been an accident?"  Then I spent time trying to figure out what had happened.  Turned out when we moved I hadn't changed the address online.  The first bill that was due got forwarded to our house with all the other forwarded mail.  A year later who knows what happened to it.  There was an e-mail attached to the account but it was one of Dr. J's little used accounts.  He doesn't even keep up with his well used accounts, so it's not surprising that if they sent a bill via online that it didn't get looked at.  So now the e-mail is updated to my account, the address is updated, the bill is paid.  I sort of miss the days when you had a local insurance agent who would call you up when a bill wasn't paid.  On the other hand, when I had to reinstate the insurance that had not been current for 6 months the only question Geico asked me was why we weren't covered, and when I typed in "Failure to Pay" they really didn't care.  OH MY GOSH!  I still can't believe this happened, but I'm glad I figured it out, even if it was six months to late :(

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  1. Mail stops being forwarded a year after you start a change of address form.



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