Friday, June 1, 2012

Real or Tim Burton Creation, My Reality TV Guilty Pleasure

It's always bummed me out that all the TV programs I loved went off for summer vacation just when I actually had time to sit around and watch.  Summer TV reruns were the worst.  Then I stumble upon this little show So You Think You Can Dance.  This will be the ninth season I watch and I've every second has been a delight.  I have zero dance talent but I love the music and seeing the different styles, the way music, choreography, dance talent, and story are so masterfully combined for our entertainment.  A few years ago the kids started watching with me as well.  They will often spend the whole program leaping around our living room.  Even Dr. J will occasionally catch an episode, and always enjoys the talent.  If you've missed the beginning of the season you can catch the first episode on hulu.  These were my three favorite dancers.

Hampton Williams...this guys is unreal, I mean seriously.  I had to watch it three times because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  It was like watching a Tim Burton claymation come to life.  I kept waiting for Helena Carter or Johnny Depp to pop out on stage.  Something truly unique and amazing.

Then for those of you that prefer classical style, a hot bod, and a nice accent enjoy a little Daniel Baker.

And the prize for most adorable kids ever...Bree Hafen.  Did you catch Salt Lake Temple in the background.  There have been multiple Mormons on the show including Benji Schwimmer who won in 2006.  Seeing as they are holding auditions in Salt Lake this year I'm sure Bree won't be the only one that makes it to Vegas.


  1. I feel that way about The Voice. I haven't ever enjoyed American Idol, so I don't think I would have watched The Voice if I hadn't hurt my knee.

    Even Scott got excited about it. Since he often had scout meetings when it was on, we started recording it on DVR and watching it when he got home. It was fun to watch it together and even more because we could fast forward through the commercials!

    If anyone had told us that it would become our date time, we wouldn't have believed it. It is nice to be able to snuggle up and watch a show together.

  2. Never seen this show before but had heard of it. I had a different impression of what the show was for some reason. Anyway, I watched these videos with the boys this afternoon. We loved it!

  3. That first episode had me nearly hysterical with the fantastic talent. And as if I didn't already love Nigel, having him set those kids in his chair endeared him to me for life.



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