Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Preemie Life - 7 1/2 Months, 5 Months Adjusted

This whole adjusted thing got me all messed up, I thought we had a little more time before our house became a baby death trap.  I was wrong.  Mom's of four, is it even possible to babyproof or should I just give up before I even start?  This little lady is everywhere. She loves to pull things down and everything goes in her mouth.  Yesterday I found her on the floor, face covered in blue.  She'd gotten a hold of a blue piece of sidewalk chalk.  I also found a paper ball in her diaper,something she ate, partially digested and then pooped out.  I guess that's one way to improve your fiber intake!

1 comment:

  1. The whole adjusted thing throws me off, too. There are babies "older" than Benjamin, birthdate wise, but "younger" than him in gestation age. So he's older than them but they're older than him and it's all messed up. :)

    But Cheetah looks like she's doing great...even if she is driving you crazy!



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