Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Confessional - My Childen Are Normally Horrid At Church

Today Dr J and I had the "privilege" of speaking in church.  We were it, the whole show, and since both of us had to speak we decided to stay in the pews until the last possible second.  I got to go first, managed to take up most of the time, and then returned to find my children in the right row, quietly working on sticker books, for the most part not talking or fighting, not grinding snacks into the carpet, not crawling under benches, not screaming, not trying to write on the walls, carpet, seats, or hymn books with colored pencil, and not trying to kick each other.  Dr J went up and gave his talk.  They stayed perfect.  We sang, prayed and then we were free.  The gentlemen sitting behind us was from the stake.  I didn't catch his name but can tell you he had a beautiful tenor voice.  He said to us, "Thank you brother and sister for your talks, and your kids, well they are just so well behaved."  We looked at each other and started to laugh.  "Normally they are horrid.  They have a lot of energy and we've yet to figure out how to make a mellow child" I said.  He chuckled but the truth is this was no show of modesty,  normally they are horrid.  We've tried to be consistent, we provide entertainment, and a small snack, we beg them to whisper, we practice, but our kids are little balls of energy shoved into a tiny walkway, bouncing back and forth.  I look around and notice the kids that sit quietly.  They read their Friend without throwing it.  They stay with their buns flat to the seat rather then trying to wiggle out of arms to stand on the pew.  They smile discreetly at their friends instead of yelling across the room.  Is there some magic pill I haven't heard about?  Do people replace their children with pods?  Where can I get one, just for Sunday mind you, between the hours of 9 and noon!

Peach loves to hang out in the windows. I'm constantly telling her, "Get off the back of the couch and out of the windows." Like I said, "Bouncing off the walls!"
 We had the missionaries over for dinner this week. Captain E got it in his head he needed a picture with them. Heaven help us! That is one family I don't want to be. I had a friend in college whose family took pictures with all the missionaries and kept a book with their pictures, names, and home address. Not so shockingly she ended up marrying one of those missionaries. Let's just say I already worry about 17 year old Gigi!

In pregnancy related news, 20 weeks today.  Officially Half Baked!  We went to back to our old home yesterday to drop off library books a certain husband had been holding onto.  We visited with a couple friends.  Neither of them "noticed" I was pregnant.  I guess I should appreciate my friends love me regardless of fluctuating weight and don't say anything but still.... :)  So far, so good.  Most of my nausea is gone now.  I'm not feeling tired and can still paint my own toe nails and climb around on the floor.  Unfortunately me desire to cook is at a zero so we've been doing lots of breakfast for dinners.  Hurray me!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Our day at church was positively HORRIBLE!

    I'm glad that someone's kids somewhere were behaving. Lucky for you it was yours today.

    Maybe that will be my new mantra: somewhere someone's kids are behaving. My turn will come. My turn will come. My turn will come.

  2. That's so cool! I hope my kids are just as good as yours' next Sunday when I talk in church!



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