Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Much Does Water Cost You?

We got our second water bill today, the first full month cycle one and holy Hannah, the thing was for $70.  I did a hypothetical budget when we were first working on our match list of all the areas that were possibilities and the pay, and since then I made a new one specific to our area.  In my highest estimates I figured water would probably run us, $50 a month.  On a positive note I figured electric in the summer would probably run close to $200, and in our hottest month so far we came in at $70.  So I guess that was better then expected, I was just a little shocked at how much our H20 is running.  I mean it doesn't help that there's almost $30 of just taxes and fees just to have water, but still.  Am I watering our law too much?  It looks pretty dead to me.  Should I reduce the amount of water games?  Maybe this is just what water cost, which explains why most of my neighborhood has now just let their lawns die.  This is my first time paying for water on my own so maybe I'm just not aware or the cost.  Tell me please, what do you pay for water on average?  The saddest part, the water here taste horrible, like worse then Arizona :(  Dr. J will come in sometimes and say, "Do we have any soda, or anything?  Anything taste better then the water from the tap!"  Premium price for icky product :)


  1. My budget for water is also $70. In the summer we go over a little though we don't water our yard at all. I wish my electric bill was as cheap as yours! You are so lucky! I need to move there!

  2. Gosh we hardly water at all and try to be really conservative with our water usage. We pay around $100/month! And electricity in the summer is over $200. It's a crime.

  3. I think $70 is pretty typical. Indy has a super outdated water/sewer system so they upped the prices recently to helpcover the cost of the upgrade.

  4. Our city bill is water and garbage. I budget $100 and we've never gone over. This month was closest, since we actually have a garden we're watering. The bill usually goes up about $20 when we have to turn the sprinklers on.



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