Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of School Jitters

I am a shy, awkward individual so the first day of school, especially at a new school where I knew no one was always torture for me.  I remember the liberation of going to college, thinking, "Thank goodness there is no need for me to talk to any of these people, or find someone to sit with at lunch, or a friend to play with at recess."  And so it was a disappointment when I came to realize when it came to social graces my son was exactly like me, because the truth is, what was torture to bear as a child, as a parent it almost inhumanely overwhelming.  Last night during family prayer, Captain E prayed that he would be ok at school.  Dr. J then pulled him aside and gave him a beautiful father's blessing.  He blessed him that he would be excited to learn, and that he would have the concentration to stay on task.  He blessed him to love his teacher, to find friends, and that there could be one person who would make him comfortable and help him through this awkward time.  Then we bundled the kids off to bed.  Later, long after they were asleep, I had a good cry and begged heavenly father to take my little son into his comforting embrace and help him feel good during this transition.  Then I braced myself so that in the morning I could present an excited, happy front.  At breakfast Dr. J again prayed for E to find peace and then we sallied forth for the walk to school.  It was a pleasant time.  The weather has cooled significantly from the last few weeks and E and I had fun pushing the girls together.  When we got to the school I was so glad we had walked.  Not only was I able to snap this fun picture but I was able to avoid the craziness of carpool.  Our city was unable to get voters to agree to a tax increase for the district, so the district was forced to cut busing unless parents were willing to pay $450 a child.  As a result of the 700 students at the school, only 78 are now being bused.  The lines wrapped around the block.  I'm hoping to keep walking until the weather gets too cold.  Also a blessing, I saw his teacher at the door and asked her to keep a special eye on him because he was so shy.  I also encouraged E while on the walk that he make eye contact and say hi to any kids who said hi to him today.  He told me he had forgotten how to make friends since last year, and I told him, just responding with a smile and hi when people talked to him would go a long way.  And then I got to hug him.  Second grade here we come.  I'm excited for all the things he will learn this year, all the growth he will see, and I pray that his anxiety will wane and he can make some great friends.

My 2nd grader!  Time is going so fast!

Peach and Gigi...this is the first time I've gotten Peach's hair into pigtails.

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  1. I wanted to cry reading this! I feel this same way about my kids sometimes. I would SO much rather go through the pain myself and be able to spare them somehow. It sounds like you guys helped him the best ways possible though! Hopefully it will end up being a good experience in the end. Corey and I are both grateful for the years we had in school where we struggled to make friends.



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